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I came to Jillian with a specific goal for my standard poodle and my expectations were surpassed. I wanted my dog to learn the proper behaviour for meeting and greeting people with or without dogs. I also wanted him to learn how to keep on walking calmly without pulling when passing a dog on the sidewalk. Jillian created a series of exercises for us to practice with her and on our own. She had dogs with her during our training sessions (whether at the Training School or at public parks where we met), so I could really practice how to help my dog understand what was expected of him. We are now doing much better and I have the proper tools to continue the training on my own. I would highly recommend the services of Gulf Coast K9 Dog Training. As a matter of fact, I will take more lessons with Jillian in a few months.

Mgyj Trudel

best dog trainer

I can’t even begin to express how much I love working with Jillian. She has taught me so much about not only my dog but myself. I searched for a few weeks looking for the right trainer for myself and for Freya. I met with multiple trainers and it just never felt right. Jillian is well trained and passionate about what she is doing. Freya was labeled as an aggressive dog and saved from death row. While we have been able to successfully transistion her to live with two cats and a dog, she is very nervous around other animals not in the home. Her nervousness, energy levels and lack of training (at the time) lead to an unstable behavior. Jillian helped me learn how to read her body language while also teaching Freya to trust me. Freya has made huge leaps in her training and I can’t wait to keep working with her in the future.

Ashlie Adams

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Omg…..I’m in tears because I never thought my dog would get along with other dogs. What can I say about Gulf Coast K 9… guys are the freaking atomic bomb! My Sasha was aggressive towards other dogs, she was scared all the time, barked at a fart in the wind, didn’t trust me and was not confident in herself. Now it’s totally different. Even though, we are leaving where Jillian left off, she has set a much needed foundation. I definitely would recommend Gulf Coast over and over. Thanks to all the crew, especially Joe too.

Susan L.

dog trainers bradenton fl

We are so grateful that we contacted Jillian. She immediatlely returned my call and we discussed the issues we were having with Stella. Jillian’s positive and calm energy made me feel reassured and confident. It was bitter-sweet leaving our girl for 3 wks, but we knew she was in great hands and we were able to see her progress from the many pics and videos that were posted. We learned that Stella’s behavior stemmed from her lack of confidence and insecurities. The difference in Stella is amazing!!!!

Ken L.

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Today Bella had her second session and she is doing great. I no longer dread taking her for walks and I am proud to say that after giving Bella the place command tonight she stayed for 30 minutes – even after I left the room. After TWO sessions with Jillian she is a different dog. I only wish we had found Gulf Coast K9 Dog Training before we wasted time and money with another “trainer”. Thank you Jillian!

Nicole C.

dog trainers bradenton fl

I gave Jillian a call a few months ago because I was having difficulty learning the proper techniques to control my dogs. In just a few short months the behaviors that we have had to deal with for the past four years have changed incredibly. Jillian is so sweet saying we made it happen, but my true belief is we could never have come as far as we have without Jillian and her dogs that helped us with the training.

Jean, Cindy, Maizie and Abby

Real World Dog Training For Any Dog In Any Situation

Our comprehensive dog obedience training and dog behavior training programs teach your dog to listen every time, under any distraction. From working with thousands of dogs over the years, we understand that every dog is different and have the knowledge and experience to effectively identify your dog’s issues or needs and provide you the tools necessary to communicate effectively with your pet.

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Where do I even begin to express my gratitude and happiness with Jillian and Joe! I followed Jillian on FB for a few months, before making that call. I understood and agreed with all of her training methods. We incorporate the training techniques into our daily routines to keep building the foundation and it’s certainly made a huge difference in our house. A BIG Thank you to Jillian and Joe for their patience and love for our pitties!!

Jodi Caruso Reiter

best dog trainer

Jillian is a fantastic dog trainer. We adopted a very energetic beagle/lab mix from the lab rescue. She was perfect in the house, however on the leash she was a nightmare. It got to the point that our neighbors would see us coming and turn and go the other way. We couldn’t take her anywhere. After training with Jillian we frequently take her out to eat, and on walks downtown St. Pete and we get compliments from people on her good behavior every time. Our friends and neighbors are amazed at the progress our dog has made. Highly recommend, she is the best!

Heather Hornstein

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“She is doing so well! She does great now with other dogs, is good now with the lizards, and even with the rabbits in the evening; however we have been walking a new route and have been encountering ducks which are new for her. I’m sure she’ll soon be able to control herself with just a little more practice.”

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“I can’t say enough about how happy we are with the outcome of our dog training with Jillian. It has been my dream to have my 3 dogs on “place” when people arrive at my home. Instead of the mayhem we had. Now we have achieved it and it feels so freeing.”

dog trainers bradenton fl

“Jillian is transforming our puppy one session at a time. She tailors the training to our needs. We have a 9 week old lab and three kids under 5. She has focused the training effort on how to teach both Bo and the kids to make good choices along with basic puppy obedience. Loving the results we are seeing on a daily basis!”

Debbie G.

dog trainers bradenton fl

“I love this school and I can’t express how much I like the trainers. Dakota impressed me so much in her first lesson. She also loves her teachers Joe and Jillian. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND them to everyone that may have a dog who needs some discipline or a refresher on there obedience!!!!”

Jeanne N.

dog trainers bradenton fl

“Jillian was fantastic! She was very professional yet friendly and incredibly patient with us! When she walked in the door, I told her there was NO WAY she was going to help our CRAZY dogs! Within 5 minutes she had BOTH of them under control and walking down the street like civilized animals. I used to literally have anxiety attacks during walks, getting pulled down the street, the dogs reactive to all the other dogs. Now we can walk without any problems! They listen to their commands and have calmed down. Family members don’t mind coming over anymore!”

Sherri D.

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“I wasn’t having much fun with my new rescue dog, “Breezy”. I loved him, but he was a beast on our walks. I did NOT look forward to walking with him. That’s not right. I found Jillian and Gulf Coast K9 through a friend. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After just one session, I was a believer. After just one hour, I could now walk with Breezy, and LOVE it. Jillian transformed him (and Me)…and gave us the skills to succeed. Now, I take him for walks as much as possible. Jillian is a game changer. We also got Breezy to come to me when I call him….even when he’s busy playing with a toy. My relationship with my dog is better because of Jillian !!”

Neil P.

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“Thank you so much Jillian for the amazing transformation with our dogs. Their new improved behavior has changed our lives! We are so grateful!!”

Jess J.

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“You are so great at what you do, Riglee is proof. Her and BJ are getting along great! My once nervous dog has come a long way, thanks to Jillian!”

Sandy J.

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“Big Ups to Gulf Coast K9 Dog Training…They did an outstanding job helping us get our 70lb Pitbull (Tyson) calmed down. Jillian was patient, professional, and passionate about her craft. I highly recommend her.”

Ron B.

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“Our pointer/beagle mix, Jake, is a new dog after our private lessons and we had a blast at our first group class at the park today! ! Cant wait until next week! Thank you Jillian, you are AWESOME!!”

Kelly P.

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“I just returned from a long walk (my first truly enjoyable one) with Emi. We have been working on leash walking since Jillian left this afternoon and I think I have a different dog! There have been no fights, no pulling, my shoulder doesn’t hurt and the best part is my dog and I are both happy and tired! Happy Happy!”

Christy B.

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“The training we have received from day one has been nothing short of phenomenal. Jillian has been amazing, very thorough and afforded our dog Jake the opportunity to succeed as a family pet. My family can’t thank her enough.”

Edgar P.

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“Jillian is simply amazing. I can’t believe we lived in chaos for so long. She is a miracle worker. Love the new “calmness” we have at our house.”

Erin M.

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“You are in good hands! Let Gulf Coast K9 help guide you on your journey from canine chaos, to the perfect canine companion!”

Jen F.

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Your cheerfulness and understanding of both the doggie parents and doggies made life much happier and less stressful. I would and have recommend you most definitely!!”

Shirley S.

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“Jillian is awesome! She knows dogs and she knows what she is doing. She is also incredibly kind and fun to work with! Thanks for all that you do Jillian.”

Tracy S.

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Jillian had tremendous patience with Mercedes…two hours to get her out of the back door of a SUV. She’s Saint Jillian in my book! We can take our girl to the park on a long line, while she enjoys the freedom and makes amazing choices. Jillian, Joe and I spoke often and determined that Bengal should stay an extra week and what a difference it made for all of us. Bengal certainly tests the waters, but he knows that he is no longer large and in charge. We incorporate the training techniques into our daily routines to keep building the foundation and it’s certainly made a huge difference in our house. A BIG Thank you to Jillian and Joe for their patience and love for our pitties!!

Jodi Caruso Reiter

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It was great to meet her and see how amazing she is at what she does. You can definitely tell from your conversations and interactions with her that she truly loves what she does! Then she finally came home and WOW what a huge improvement she was. Jillian taught us the ins and outs on how to properly use the e-collar. She worked with my family for two hours to make sure we were comfortable when she left. Jillian and her staff will always be there for Luna and my family and will always be a part of our lives! We absolutely made the perfect decision to have Jillian and her staff make our bear a rock star. Thank You for everything!!!

Chris Coakley

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Jillian worked miracles with our pointer/beagle mix, Jake. She was hands on every step of the way and helped us become better dog owners. We can’t say enough how grateful we are for her professional services!

Edgar Perez

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I got to know Jillian and Gulf Coast K9 Dog Training when she brought her own pups to the animal clinic I work for. Being a Veterinary Tech for about 10 years now has given me a different view point on trainers: meaning not all are equally up to the challenges of fear aggression, inappropriately barking, how to walk, etc. But where other lack in knowledge and compassion, Jillian is one of the best! After our first visit together I found that we has much the same philosophy on animal behavior and how to correct negative behaviors.


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