How to Properly Fit a Prong Collar

Take a look as Jillian, owner of Gulf Coast K9 teaches you how to properly select and fit a prong collar for your dog. The fit and style of the collar are very important when preparing to use one for training.

“How to” Train Your Dog Place Command

  • We start the introduction with some type of dog bed, leash, or collar.
  • Start using the command when your dog is easily going to the object of choice.
  • A release word is used every time to tell your dog they are finished with the command.

We also want to create repetitions with movement and distance!

Muzzle Conditioning Protocol

  • This is a multi step process where we condition your dog over a period of days to safely and comfortably wear a muzzle.
  • It is important to take your time and practice each phase. The goal is to create an excited response every time you introduce the muzzle.
  • We use lots of food, high value rewards and praise to help facilitate this process.

Training Your Dog to Do Place Command on Objects

  • “PLACE” 4 paws on an object until you tell your dog they are done!
  • If you are going to try this with your dog, make sure that you have already taught them to place on something a little simpler. They should have a good grasp on what the command means!
  • “GOOD” – you’re on the right track. “YES” = SUCCESS. These words are very important to let your dog know how they are doing! “BREAK” – you’re all done

Leash Reactive Dog Walking

Bella has been displaying some pretty intense behavior when encountering other dogs on walks. She has been through training before, but never able to master calm behavior while walking. Her owner has been so embarrassed by Bella’s behavior, so she walks Bella at times when no other dogs are out.

Harley Before & After (2 Week Board & Train)

Harley came in for a two week board and train to address some of his behavioral issues. He had a laundry list of problem behavior to address if he was going to be able to stay with his family. Not only was he terrible to walk on leash, but he would dig under the fence to chase anything that moved and would not come back. Harley was also stressing his family out in the house because he would jump all over people to the point of knocking them down, and if left alone would eat whatever he could reach in the pantry. This guy really needed some new rules and structure which is what we provide all of our board and train dogs.

Intro to Leash Pressure

Peggy was a shelter dog, who after a long 5 month stay started to develop some pretty intense energy when out on walks. Around any distraction she would react in negative ways towards other dogs. Here, fresh out of her kennel for the day I begin to introduce leash pressure as a means of communication.

Advanced Dog Obedience

This is how we doing feeding time in our home every day. This level of obedience doesn’t take a long time to teach, just daily practice and consistency. You can get your dogs to do the same thing with just a little patience.