Aggressive Behavior

Human Aggressive Training

This video is all about Apollo! Apollo’s owners came to us because he was aggressive and used to lunge at any man that he saw.


Aggressive Dog Training

Pip is a nervous dog around most stimulus. We are working him around Lucy who is a very energetic puppy who is easily distracted.


Reactive Dog Training

This video is about Spike & Fizzy. Watch how their aggressive behavior can be changed with professional training!


Puppy Obedience

Group Obedience Training

This video is all about teaching our student-pups how to come when they’re called.


Distraction Training

This video is all about Gracie and Jax training with distractions with our owner, Jillian!


Individual Obedience

This video is all about Mina, Jack, Harley and Stella practicing their placing, sits and comes!


Off Leash

Off Leash w/ Distractions

This video is all about Milo and Tux learning how to stay focused and not distracted while off of their leash!


Off Leash Training

Luna is doing a great job with our trainer, Jill and she is being reinforced with love and treats!


Off Leash Distraction

Luke was able to resist going after bikes and stayed calm and lying down when a bike passed him.



Reactive Dog Training

Kiera is much more relaxed now than before and has stopped pulling!


Confidence Training

Working with dogs to help build up confidence and overcome their fears.


Place Training

Apollo dealt with aggression issues & a lack of confidence before coming to Gulf Coast K9.