The Puppy Jump Start program is designed for puppies 2 – 5 months of age. Our puppy training lessons are tailored for the learning development of your young dog as well as the introduction of basic obedience.

Puppy Training that you can expect to cover:
  • Basics of luring
  • Food based training
  • Introduction of basic obedience commands such as sit, down & place
  • Mouthing
  • Environmental challenges
  • Impulse control
  • General manners
  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Walking basics with an introduction to leash pressure

All of these skills are necessary to help your puppy on the road to becoming a happy, well adjusted adult dog that you can take with you anywhere! Ideal ages for our puppy programs are 8 weeks to 6 months. Let us assist you in determining which puppy program is right for you by filling out a contact form.

ALL STAR Puppy Program:

This training program consists of SEVEN PRIVATE training lessons with one of our expert coaches. This helps to ensure the repetition and consistency every young dog needs as they grow and mature. As your dog gains that maturity and attention span we can begin to ask more of them in terms of training, holding commands and focus.

Over seven weeks of time we can begin to use that maturity to our advantage. There is a lot of information when training a puppy from the very beginning, so it is important to have your coaching staff (that’s us!) set up so that you can achieve that success with your dog!

SUPER STAR Puppy Program:

This is where your puppy comes to STAY & TRAIN with one of our expert trainers. This training program provides your puppy with the BOARD & TRAIN experience, but it is not your typical board and train. Throughout their stay with us, we provide an opportunity for consistency to help teach your puppy the basic obedience skills. This also takes a lot of the potty training and crate training off your hands and gives us an opportunity to do socialization with other dogs and people. Because socialization is critical during this age, we want to help make sure it is done right so that your puppy grows up into a well balanced dog. This program is designed to target all of the main skills and goals every puppy owner is looking for.

This unique program is set up differently than what you may find other trainers offer. This is to help maximize your puppy’s ability to learn and retain all of the information we teach them! This is the most comprehensive training program we offer.

We love puppies, watching them develop and having fun with training!

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