Private Dog Training Lessons provide you one-on-one attention with the trainer to provide you all the assistance you need to accomplish your goals. Each training program is tailored to meet your needs and ensure long term success with your dog or dogs.

We address a number of issues through private training which include:
  • Sit, down, place and heel
  • Lunging and pulling on leash
  • Aggression
  • Reactivity toward other dogs and humans
  • Impulse control
  • Resource guarding
  • House manners
  • And many others

In Home Dog Training

With In Home Dog Training, we come to you and help you train your dog in their natural environment; their home!  This allows us to address issues and challenges where they actually occur.

In Facility Dog Training

With Private Dog Training lessons in our facility, you come to us for our one-on-one training.  We will address all the challenges you are currently experiencing with your dog in our controlled environment, where we can still provide lots of distractions.

How It Works

The first lesson is an hour and a half.  During this lesson we’ll chat about your needs and desires and discuss a plan for your dog’s training.  Then we jump right in and start training and you will see actual results right away.

Each lesson afterward is one hour, one week apart (unless otherwise requested).  Between each lesson you will be asked to work on what was learned previously and the training advances each week.  This ensures the repetition and consistency you need for success.

No additional charge for multiple dogs!

How Many Lessons

After speaking with you we can recommend a number of lessons that have the best chance to help you succeed based on the guidelines below.

Three Private Dog Training Lessons

This pack of basic lessons is designed to primarily focus on walking nicely on leash.

Five Private Dog Training Lessons (our most popular package)

Over the course of five lessons we address all of the commands in the three lesson pack with the addition of the following.  This package is recommended for most dogs including ones that typically display highly energetic reactivity on walks or minor aggression inside or outside the house.

We address a number of issues through private training which include:
  • Sit, down place and come when called
  • Long Down Stays
  • Door dashing
  • Leash reactivity
  • Other dogs as a distraction
  • A focus on distraction training (door bells, other dogs, etc)

With five lessons we take training to the next level by ensuring your dog can not only do what he or she is asked to do, but to do it no matter what distractions are around and to hold position until you give the word.  With this training package you can expect an hour long stay position (or more) in either a down or place command.  Experience the freedom of having a dog that’s an obedient member of your family and not a distraction or a worry.

Seven Private Dog Training Lessons

The seven pack is designed primarily for five areas of focus:
  • Puppy Training
  • Advanced Obedience Training
  • Advanced Obedience Around Distractions
  • learning to work with your dog in new places
  • leash reactivity

All puppies that start their training with us in seven private lessons can begin their training to off leash obedience training at 6 months of age with a special ONE week board and train. This will build on the foundation they already know and take it to the next level.